The Cordillera of Dreams

FAST FORWARD 2019 / Projections:
14/12/2019 / 20:00h / Montenegrin National Theatre – Studio Scene / Podgorica

 The Cordillera of Dreams Patricio Guzman / Chile, France / 2019/85 ‘

Director: Patricio Guzman
Screenplay: Patricio Guzman
Editor: Emmanuelle Joly
Sound: Claire Cahu
Production: ARTE, Atacama Productions
Producer: Renate Sachse
Starring: Jorge Baradit, Vicente Gajardo, Francisco Gazitúa, Pablo Salas


Patricio Guzmán left Chile more than 40 years ago, but he never stopped thinking about that country and culture. ““In Chile, when the Sun rises, it had to climb hills, walls and tops before reaching the last stone of the Cordillera. In my country, the Cordillera is everywhere. But for the Chilean citizens, it is an unknown territory. After going North for Nostalgia for the Light and South for The Pearl Button, I now feel ready to shoot this immense spine to explore its mysteries, powerful revelations of Chile’s past and present history.” (Patricio Guzmán).

About the author

Patricio Guzman was born in 1941 in Santiago de Chile. He studied at the Official School of Film Art in Madrid. He has dedicated his career to documentary filmmaking that have been screened in many festivals with huge success. From 1972 to 1979, he directed The Battle of Chile, a five-hour-long trilogy on Salvador Allende’s government and its downfall. This film laid the foundation for his work as a director. The North American periodical CINEASTE described it as “one of the ten best political films in the world”. In 1973 he left Chile and moved to Cuba, then to Spain and France, although he remains deeply attached to his country and its history. He chairs the Santiago International Documentary Film Festival (FIDOCS), which he founded in 1997. The Cordillera of Dreams, which was screened in the official selection at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, is the last part of a trilogy also composed of Nostalgia for the Light (Cannes 2010) and The Pearl Button (Berlin 2015).

Festivalis and awards

Cannes Film Festival 2019, France – Golden Eye
Chicago International Film Festival 2019, USA
Film Festival Cologne 2019, Germany
San Sebastián International Film Festival 2019, Spain
Free Zone 2019, Serbia