FAST FORWARD Travelling Film Factory aims to strengthen good practices of the FAST FORWARD Human Rights Film Festival Montenegro and to make closer complex and sensitive human rights issues through the film perspective to young people aged 13 to 15, from the territory of various Montenegrin municipalities, but also to promote film industry and consequently socially engaged film amongst the youngest audience.

Film selection of the FAST FORWARD Travelling Film Factory encourages an active and constructive dialogue on the human rights situation amongst young people and contributes to their understanding of tolerance and human rights.

Through FAST FORWARD Travelling Film Factory, we strive to create a fertile ground for boosting critical attitude towards audio-visual content offered to young people, as well as to awaken a sense of creativity and curiosity for filmmaking within young people.

FAST FORWARD Travelling Film Factory also brings a new dimension into FAST FORWARD Human Rights Film Festival Montenegro, which has been organized by the CCE for already a decade, and which has built its reputation with its distinctiveness, innovation and commitment to the modern concept of human rights.

The first FAST FORWARD Travelling Film Factory 2019 is conducted by the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) with the support of the Ministry of Education of the Government of Montenegro. It included screenings of films selected by the project team and the FAST FORWARD Festival team at the territory of eight Montenegrin municipalities, in eight different schools. The films were selected on the basis of the adaptation of the themes and to the age of the workshop participants, the quality and actuality of the issues addressed by the films and the availability of certain titles for the Montenegrin market. Also, within the Fast forward travelling film factory were organized two five-day long workshops on filmmaking and media in the field of human rights, attended by elementary school pupils aged 11 to 15. This project also encompassed the conference  ‘Engaged art as a tool for human rights education’.

Photos from events organised within the framework of FAST FORWARD Travelling Film Factory 2019 can be found on this link.

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