The Echo or the Hero’s Journey

FAST FORWARD 2022 / Projections:
11/12/2022 / 18:40 / Montenegrin Cinematheque / Podgorica

The Echo or the Hero’s Journey

Dario Haruni / Albania, Montenegro / 2022 / 40’

Director: Dario Haruni
Screenplay: Dario Haruni
Editor: Dario Haruni
Production: Montenegrin Cinematheque and Albanian State Film Archive
Project manager: Milena Charan
Project coordinators: Nemanja Bečanović, Eriona Vyshka


The film deals with the relationship between religion and faith in a Jungian manner, looking for a way to find unity between these two polarities.


Dario Haruni is an Albanian director, and his experimental films deal with religion, spirituality and mythology in a psychoanalytical way.