The Dark Shadow of Green Energy

Fast Forward 2018 / Projections:
11/12/2018 / 15h00 / CIC ‘Budo Tomović’ – Dodest Scene / Podgorica
12/12/2018 / 17h00 / CC Berane / Berane

Crna sjenka zelene energijeDragan Gmizić, Serbia, 2018, 47′

Director: Dragan Gmizić
Screenplay: Dragan Gmizić
Editor: Zlatko Zlatković
Producer: Dragan Gmizić


Regardless of whether you live in Zagreb, Podgorica, Sarajevo or Belgrade, the electricity you use in your home is mostly obtained by coal burning. More precisely – 70% of the used-up electricity is received from regional thermal power plants whose work is harmful to the nature and the health of people. For the European Union this is absolutely unacceptable and countries in the region are expected to start using alternative solutions. Film follows Irma Popović Dujmović, WWF Adria activist, on the road through Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro, discovering how the regional plan for mass construction of small hydropower plants creates multiple new problems instead of solving them. The devastation of nature, the open revolt of people against small hydropower plants as well as the corruption in their construction are just some, but not the darkest, shadows of green energy.

About the author

Dragan Gmizić is professional journalist and TV author. Since 1998 he has been engaged in the domain of socio-political, economic and environmental issues in Vojvodina, Serbia and the region of former Yugoslavia. He is the author of many reports, newscasts and documentaries broadcasted on Serbian and international TV stations. His documentary Birdless Plains was awarded by EU Delegation to Serbia, as well as by Greenfest Green Culture Festival as Best Serbian Movie in 2016. He was twice nominated for NUNS annual award for investigative journalism in 2015 and 2017. He is one of the founders of Greenfiled production from Novi Sad.

Festivals and awards

Free Zone 2018 (Serbia)
GreenFest 2018 (/Serbia) – Best Serbian Movie