FAST FORWARD 2021 / Projections:
12.12.2021 / 19:00 / Cinema “Boka” / Kotor
13.12.2021 / 20:00 / Cultural Centre / Berane
15.12.2021. / 19:30 / Montenegrin Cinematheque / Podgorica

Danilo Šerbedžija / Croatia / 2020 / 100′

Director: Danilo Šerbedžija
Screenplay: Lana Barić
Editor: Dubravka Turić
Music: Darko Marković
Production: Focus Media
Producers: Irena Marković
Starring: Lana Barić, Leon Lučev, Ivana Roščić


​Tereza (Lana Barić) lives in a patriarchal Dalmatian city Split and while her husband Leon is sailing, she is re-examining her own life. Doctor’s joke shakes up her monotonous marriage and steers her life in a totally new, unexpected direction. Written by the outstanding Croatian actress Lana Barić, the story is rooted in the macho Dalmatian culture, yet it is universal and appealing to many. Brilliant performances of the main actors and the subtle directing earned the film prizes and awards at home as well as abroad from Spain, Sweden, Poland etc.


Danilo Šerbedžija was born in 1971 in Zagreb, Croatia. His feature debut 72 Days (2010), was a Croatian candidate for an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film. He co-directed the film Liberation of Skopje (2016) with his father, actor and director Rade Šerbedžija. Tereza37 is the absolute winner of the Pula Film Festival 2020.


Balkan New Film Festival (Sweden) – Best Director
FEST International Film Festival (Serbia) – Best Actress (Lana Barić)
LIFFE – Best Actress (Lana Barić), Živojin Žika Pavlović Award for Directing (Danilo Šerbedžija)
Nòt Film Fest (Italy) – Best Performance (Lana Barić)
Otranto Film Festival (Canada) – Best Screenplay (Lana Barić)
Zagreb Film Festival (Croatia) – Golden Bicycle, Best Film
Pula Film Festival (Croatia) – Grand Golden Arena for Best Film, Golden Arena for Best Directing (Danilo Šerbedžija), Golden Arena for Best Screenplay (Lana Barić), Golden Arena for Best Supporting Actress (Ivana Roščić), Golden Arena for Best Make-Up (Snježana Gorup), Golden Arena for Best Editing (Dubravka Turić)
Beirut International Women Film Festival (Lebanon)
Mostra de València-Cinema del Mediterrani (Spain)
Podgorica Film Festival (Montenegro)
Warsaw Film Festival (Poland)