My own private war

Fast forward 2016 / Projections:
11. 12. 2016 20h45 / CNP – Scena Studio / Podgorica

My own private warLidija Zelović, Holandija/Netherlands, Bosna i Hercegovina/Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2015, 60′

Director: Lidija Zelović
Cast: Lidija Zelović
Screenwriters: Lidija Zelović, Rogir Kapers
Producer: Margi Monfils
Director of Photography: Aleksander Gukjian, Marinus Grothof, Lidija Zelović, Tatjana Božić
Editing: Aleksander Gukjian
Music: Mark Degli Antoni, Sebastijan Stajnberg
Production: IKON docs, Forum


How do you get to terms with your war history? And how can you ensure that your children don’t have to carry this burden? In this very personal documentary, Lidija Zelovic tries to answer these questions. Zelovic grew up in the Bosnian city Sarajevo, then still Yugoslavia, where the civil war of 1992 divided the population. In 1993, she fled to the Netherlands. As a war correspondent for the BBC and later as a filmmaker, she kept trying to get closer to the truth about war. What happens to a family long after the war is over? During the making of this film Zelovic finds that the real war is raging within people. Even inside herself. To try and leave the past behind and no longer feel like a refugee, Zelovic tries to identify the source of hostility…

About the author:

Lidija Zelović Lidija Zelović was born and raised in 70s in the land of milk and honey, Yugoslavia. She studied Yugoslav literature and Serbo-Croatian language. When the war started there was no Yugoslav literature anymore and there was even less of the Serbo-Croatian language. So she left. Lidija became a refugee in Netherlands. She felt that she had so much to say but her strongest weapon – language – became inadequate. Her Serbo-Croatian became useless and even tough she learned how to speak Dutch, it will never be what it should be to really express how she feels. Lidija needed to find another tool. She went back to university to study again, this time ‘Film and TV sciences’. This is how Lidja Zelović became a film director, and by now she has directed seven documentary films..

Awards and festivals:

FREE ZONE Film Festival, Human Rights award, 2016
Sarajevo Film Festival, 2016
Festival at Sevastopol International Festival of Documentary Films and TV programs ПОБЕДИЛИ ВМЕСТЕ, Award of the President, 2016
Visions du Reel, Switzerland, 2016
Esperanza Film Festival, 2016