Louder Than Guns

Fast Forward 2018 / Projections:
10/12/2018 / 17h30 / CIC ‘Budo Tomović’ – Grand Scene / Podgorica

Glasnije od oružjaMiroslav Sikavica, Croatia, 2017, 86’

Director: Miroslav Sikavica
Screenplay: Miroslav Sikavica
Editor: Miran Miošić
Sound: Martin Semenčić, Ivan Zelić
Producer: Nenad Puhovski
Starring: Zrinko Tutić, Josipa Lisac, Vera Svoboda, Josip Ivanković, Mladen Kvesić, Davor Gobac, Boytronic, Sandra Kulier, Mario Pešo, Borut Šeparović, Miroslav Lilić, Ante Perković


In the early 1990s, patriotic music played an important political role in the countries of the former Yugoslavia. Aircrafts, tanks, bombs, automatic rifles, media and propaganda were the War weaponry of choice. Nevertheless, the loudest were the songs. Ones used them to describe the nightmares that befell them, others to confirm their political loyalty. The national TV broadcaster considered music an important form of political ‘fight’, so they commissioned, financed, recorded and intensely broadcasted it. Even twenty years after the end of the Homeland War, its soundtrack still attracts attention and sparks emotions.

About the author

Miroslav Sikavica was born in 1975 in Zagreb. He is the director of well-known documentaries from the serial Direct TV programme Fade-In, which deals with youth problems, as well as their rights. He directed thirty documentaries. His short fiction film ‘Beast’ was premiered in 2016 at the Cannes film festival where he got special award.

Festivals and awards

Motovun Film Festival 2017 (Croatia)
Revija dokumentarnog filma Fibula 2017 (Croatia)
Balkan Florence Express 2017 (Italia)
International Documentary Film Festival BelDocs 2018 (Serbia)
Dani hrvatskog filma 2018 (Croatia)
Tabor Film Festival 2018 (Croatia)
Festival dokumentarnog rock filma DORF 2018 (Croatia) – Best Movie