F@ck This Job

FAST FORWARD 2022 / Projections:
12/12/2022 / 19:00 / Montenegrin Cinematheque / Podgorica
12/12/2022 / 20:00 / Cinema Boka / Kotor
14/12/2022 / 17:00 / Cultural Centre Berane / Berane

F@ck This Job

Vera Krichevskaya / Germany, United Kingdom / 2021 / 104′

Director: Vera Krichevskaya
Screenplay: Vera Krichevskaya, Paulina Ukrainets
Editor: Adam Finch, George Cragg, Vera Krichevskaya
Music: Simon Russell
Cinematography: Danny Salkhov, Aleksandr Shelaputov
Production: Mike Lerner for Roast Beef Productions, Vera Krichevskaya for Six Days Film
Executive Producers: Jess Search, Sandra Whipham, Barbara Biemann
Producers: Vera Krichevskaya, Mike Lerner
Starring: Natalia Sindeeva, Aleksandr Vinokurov, Vera Krichevskaya


Natasha, 35, is a newly rich, successful woman looking for fame, reputation, and the realization of her dreams. She decides to launch an independent TV station in Putin’s Russia. Natasha hires oppositional reporters and minorities and her TV station quickly becomes the lone island of political and sexual freedom. Dozhd TV (also known as TV Rain) is the only independent news TV station that has survived Putin’s rule. Back then, this woman couldn’t have known she would fight on the frontlines of the war between Truth and Propaganda and lose all her money. She did not think she would become a ‘foreign agent’ in her own country. The question arises: what should she do with this successful TV channel now that it is putting the lives of its staff in danger?


Vera Krichevskaya, born in 1974 in St. Petersburg, Russia, is a journalist, screenwriter, television director and producer. She is the co-founder of TV Rain (Dozhd), the only independent private TV Channel in Russia. She attended the Leningrad Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography which she graduated from in 1996 with a degree as a theater critic and editor-screenwriter for TV. She also received a diploma in feature film direction. She is known for The Man Who Was Too Free (2016), The Case (2018) and F@ck This Job (2021). Krichevskaya has received several awards for her work including, the TEFI, Golden RayGolden Pen of Russia and the Award for the Best TV Movie.


  • Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival 2022 (Greece) – Amnesty International Award – Human Rights Section,
  • Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2021 (Republika Češka / Czech Republic)
  • Russian Guild of Film Critics 2022 (Russia)
  • Warsaw International Film Festival 2021 (Poland)