Fast Forward 2018 / Projections:
14/12/2018 / 19h30 / CIC ‘Budo Tomović’ – Dodest Scene / Podgorica
12/12/2018 / 12h00 / Gymnasium ‘Panto Mališić’ / Berane
13/12/2018 / 18h00 / Cinema Boka / Kotor

UnukAleksandar Reljić, Serbia, 2018, 82’

Director: Aleksandar Reljić
Screenplay: Viktor Prell, Goran Velemir
Editor: Uroš Jadrić
Starring: Rainer Höß, Eva Mozes Kor
Producers: Srđan Mihajlović, Miodrag Koprivica, Vanja Kranjac


Documentary ‘Enkel’, produced by Radio Television Vojvodina, reveals a story on former inmate Eva Mozes Kor, who survived Holocaust and Nazi experiments conducted by doctor Jozef Mengel. In 2014, she symbolically adopted an Auschwitz commander’s grandson, Rainer Hoess. The two, with their specific experiences, are united in struggle against Neo-Nazism, antisemitism, racism and xenophobia around the globe.

About the author

Aleksandar Reljić is a journalist and an editor in Radio-Television of Vojvodina. He was born in 1974 in Belgrade, Serbia. Throughout his twenty-year long career, he has done a lot of work in directing documentaries, shows and reports on the subjects such as human rights, xenophobia, war crimes and interethnic relations, mainly in the region of ex-Yugoslavia, but wider as well. He is the author of several documentaries, among which are ‘Kosovo…Cheers!’ (NDNV/BIRN,2017), ‘Auschwitz- Yugoslav memory ‘ (RTV 2015), ‘A box of memories’ (RTV, 2017), ‘Zid’ (2015), ‘Stuck in the nineties’ (RTV, 2012).

Festivals and awards

Martovski festival Beograd 2018 (Serbia)
Nomination for best European documentary movie – “Prix Europa” 2018
Al Jazeera Balkans Documentary Film Festival (AJB DOC) 2018 (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – AJB Program Award