A Plein Temps

FAST FORWARD 2022 / Projections:
14/12/2022 / 21:00 / Montenegrin Cinematheque / Podgorica

Eric Gravel / France / 2021 / 88′

Director: Eric Gravel
Screenplay: Eric Gravel
Editor: Mathilde Van de Moortel
Music: Irène Drésel
Cinematography: Victor Seguin
Production: Novoprod, France 2 Cinéma, Haut et Court
Producers: Rapahaëlle Delauche, Nicolas Sanfaute
Starring: Laure Calamy, Anne Suarez, Geneviève Mnich, Nolan Arizmendi, Sasha Lemaitre Cremaschi


Mother of two, Julie, is making ends meet, getting by as the head chambermaid of a five-star hotel in Paris, with only sporadic alimony payments from her ex-husband. Each meticulously-planned day starts before sunrise, preparing the kids for school and undertaking a long commute to work, where she unflappably completes her duties in time to return to them. But when a national strike breaks out – paralysing the entire public transport system – Julie’s routine is thrown into chaos, increasingly pushing her into a frenetic race against time that threatens everything she’s worked so hard for.


Eric Gravel is a France-based Canadian director. He graduated from Concordia University in Montreal. He is co-founder of the Kino movement in Paris. He has directed 20 short films, selected in more than 100 festivals around the world. He is known for Eau Boy / Water Boy (2007), Crash Test Aglaé (2017) and À plein temps / Full time (2021).


  • Les Arcs European Film Festival 2021 (France) – Best Actress Prize (Laure Calamy); Cineuropa Award (Eric Gravel); Crystal Arrow Nominee
  • Venice Film Festival 2021 (Italy) – Venice Horizons Award – Best Director (Eric Gravel); Venice Horizons Award – Best Actress (Laure Calamy); Venice Horizons Award – Best Film Nominee
  • Ljubljana International Film Festival 2022 Slovenia) – Kingfisher Award – Special Mention;  Kingfisher Award Nominee – Best Film of the Perspectives Section
  • Beijing International Film Festival 2022 (China)